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Modern, Outdoor Ceremony

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Generally speaking, there is a certain order to events in the bridal business. Girl meets boy, all the old- fashioned wooing ensues, eventually he pops the big question- then the wedding planning and shopping begins! However, not all couples follow that same general well-worn path, and Jessica & Ethan are the perfect example.

They met years ago through church where Jessica began singing worship music and Ethan was the producer and sound engineer. At the time they were both at different places in their lives and they were simply friendly members of the same church organization.

Six months later, the program came to an end and the group members, including Jessica and Ethan, each went their separate ways. Eventually, crediting a random group message on Snapchat, the two reconnected via the social media app.

A year later they went on their first date. “I knew after three dates I’d marry him”, says Jessica, “We dated for almost two years before getting engaged. Before he popped the question we were already wedding planning”.

When planning their nuptials, the couple agreed to ditch the elements traditionally expected at a wedding such as a bridal party or unity candle. They instead chose to highlight that they were simply “two people promising forever,” Jessica recalls. “We wanted an intimate wedding that simply reflected us as a couple getting married surrounded by immediate families and those friends that love and support us most; no bells and whistles. I envisioned an outdoor ceremony reflecting a modern but minimalistic industrial style with natural elements that reflected our personalities and personal style,” Jessica explains.

The couple was married in a rooftop wedding ceremony in Bristol, VA at Warehouse 817 where the pair exchanged personal vows that they wrote for each other.

When Jessica visited us to shop for her wedding gown, she had done all the usual research and was looking for something she described as “mature and fitted”. When you have a knockout figure like Jessica does, wedding gown shopping can get tricky! (Nice problem to have though, right?) As Jessica says, “It was hard to pick a dress because I liked the way they all looked on me. I got sucked into the idea that the dresses were beautiful and made me look beautiful. Lindsay actually brought me a dress to try I never even pulled off the rack. It was a little different silhouette than anything I picked for myself. After explaining my wedding, vision and describing my fiancé, I think Lindsay knew what I needed before I did. Once I saw myself in the Sottero & Midgley [Barrington] gown I knew it was the perfect fit and uniquely ‘simply overstated’. It was what I envisioned to match the wedding and the details in the lace and bodice fit my personal style.

I had no alterations and it looked beautiful without a veil, too. It was absolutely perfect and stunning. Plus, it was my mom’s favorite pick, too. On the wedding day I knew no other dress would have made the day even half as beautiful and romantic.”

In keeping with their general wedding outlook, Ethan and Jessica kept their circle of wedding vendors small as well. When their original photographer had to back out two weeks before the wedding, one of Ethan’s close friends, Chase Buchanan, stepped up to the plate. “Chase knew our style and what we wanted captured. It was a blessing in disguise.”

Ethan’s parents enjoy cooking and with such a small number of guests, they offered to prepare the wedding meal. “It was the best prime rib served in Bristol for the evening guaranteed. Guests still talk about our dinner and red velvet cheesecake,” laughs Jessica.

We love the thoughtfulness this couple showed when planning their wedding details! It was such a pleasure to be a part of their day. We wish them every happiness in their new life together!

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